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746 N.E.2d 972 (2001)
Robert L. MOORE, Appellant-Defendant,
STATE of Indiana, Appellee-Plaintiff.
No. 49S00-9906-CR-485.
Supreme Court of Indiana.
March 16, 2001.
*973 Robert L. Moore, Jeffersonville, IN, Appellant Pro Se.
Karen Freeman-Wilson, Attorney General of Indiana, Richard C. Webster, Deputy Attorney General, Indianapolis, IN, Attorneys for Appellee.
SHEPARD, Chief Justice.
Appellant Robert L. Moore seeks transfer to consolidate his direct appeal from the proceedings in a post-conviction relief action with the direct appeal from the conviction for which he received a sentence of death. In his petition, Moore states that he wants to have his appeals considered together. We agree that this is a proper course.

Facts and Procedural History
Moore was tried on a charge of rape in 1978. He was convicted and sentenced to death. Moore’s direct appeal to this Court was consolidated with the appeal from his state post-conviction proceedings in 1989. See Moore v. State, 588 N.E.2d *974 1298, 1301 (Ind. 1992). This Court agreed that the post-conviction proceedings constituted a collateral attack on the judgment, and the direct appeal was res judicata as to all claims presented therein. Id. In addition, we concluded that Moore’s trial counsel was not ineffective. Id. We also concluded that any possible claim of denial of the right to self-representation was waived when Moore’s request was initially denied, and no objection was lodged until the eve of trial. Id. at 1302.
Finally, this Court noted that Moore made a “sufficiently specific demand for the court to appoint standby counsel” and concluded that Moore’s other claims were without merit. Id. at 1301-1302.
Moore filed a second petition for post-conviction relief in 1998. This Court appointed an attorney to represent Moore for that petition, and Moore filed an

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