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Hitozuma Elf No Orusuban

Hitozuma Elf no Orusuban
Hitozuma Elf no Orusuban
Hitozuma Elf no Orusuban
Hitozuma Elf no Orusuban
Hitozuma Elf no Orusuban
Hitozuma Elf no Orusuban
Hitozuma Elf no Orusuban
Hitozuma Elf no Orusuban
Hitozuma Elf no Orusuban
Hitozuma Elf no Orusuban
Hitozuma Elf no Orusuban
. Story: It was 11th month in the same year, on a rainy day on a beach. The hero was a sailor, who tried to rescue the princess who had been taken by the sea monster.
He easily conquered the sea monster but the sea monster turned into an enormous floating spaceship with a human face. The hero was taken to an unknown world that was mysterious and beautiful.
Princess: Thanks to you, now I am able to live on your wonderful world.
Sailor: Excuse me, princess, but the world is deserted and has no humans.
Princess: So that it has become an island.
Sailor: Â
Princess: What’s the matter, sailor?
Sailor: I thought that the world was deserted but I was mistaken.
Princess: What happened?
Sailor: A sea monster attacked me.
Princess: Sea monster?
Sailor: The monster took me to your world.
Princess: What’s this? You’re not lying right?
Sailor: Princess, it’s impossible to lie right! That’s why I said that.
Princess: What’s the matter, sailor? This is incredible! Where did the monster take you?
Sailor: To a strange world.
Princess: Where is it?
Sailor: There is no map, princess.
Princess: Are you sure?
Sailor: It’s impossible to lie right! Princess, you are the one who is being deceived.
Princess: Oh, no.
Sailor: Not only you, but me too. I also want to return to my own world.
Princess: But to live in this world, we must first defeat the sea monster.
Sailor: It’s impossible to defeat the sea monster, princess. There is no way to return to the world of humans.

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