Download |TOP|bukufisikamarthenkanginankelasxii

Download |TOP|bukufisikamarthenkanginankelasxii



very nice post and quite interesting. i had no idea about this kind of techniques.i am really going to try some of these techniques.thanks for the post and wish you have a nice day. few decades, China has undergone tremendous economic development. Capital investment and public expenditures are rising substantially, while the growth of energy use continues. The development of science and technology has increased greatly. The new development of information and communication technologies has been the core of China’s development. In recent years, China has also witnessed a wave of pollution and environmental degradation. This article aims to assess the ecological footprint of China and find the impact of economic development on ecological footprint. The research methods used include data from the Global Ecological Footprint Database, China Statistical Yearbook, FAO Database, and the Tibetan Statistical Yearbook. Theoretical research and statistical analysis are adopted to estimate China’s ecological footprint. Keywords China Ecological Footprint; Energy consumption; Development of science and technology; Notes 1 China is classified into Eastern China, Northern China, and Western China. 2 Grassland includes farmland and grassland. 3 Forest includes tree cover and understory. 4 Water resources include surface and underground water. 5 Arable land includes fields and crop plantations. 6 Manure land includes crop and livestock waste. 7 Land does not include marine areas, water bodies, or air space. 8 Water resources includes stream flow and groundwater. 9 Forests include trees, planted and natural forests, and agricultural tree plantations. 10 Mining land includes land and areas with mining activities. 11 Urban land includes the built-up areas of towns, cities, and rural villages. 12 Population is the number of people living in a given area. 13 Area (km2) is the total area of a country, including inland waters, wetlands, glaciers, and other areas not covered by national borders. 14 Income is the total receipts of a country, including not only government income but also income from other sources. 15 Arable land ratio (food output) is the proportion of arable land in a country. 16 Population density is the total population per unit area. 17 Cities and towns are defined as population

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